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Virtual Heritage. Recreating the Past...



Our cultural and natural heritages are both irreplaceable sources of life and
inspiration. They are our touchstones, our points of reference, our identity.

UNESCO, 2000

"Virtual heritage" is the use of electronic media to recreate or interpret, culture, history, architecture and cultural artifacts as what they are today or as what they might have been in the past. The virtual reconstructions of vanished heritage is now a widespread practice around the world, due to the revolution in 3D graphics, informatics and telecommunications, which has led us to the information society. The increasing use of mobile and multimedia technologies influences more and more the way people approach heritage and understand historical content.

The mission of Virtual Heritage is to investigate the use of 3D visualization technology, augmented reality, virtual reality and QR codes for the purposes of education, popularisation, preservation and research on objects and sites of concern to human heritage. We are able to undertake almost all types of projects, exhibitions, historical research, publications and/or productions. Activities of Virtual Heritage include the reconstruction of archaeological sites, architecture, or any other kind of object; 3D digitization of any objects, monuments and artifacts; educational animations, multimedia presentations and QR codes as well as augmented reality projects for smartphones.