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Virtual Heritage presents "Stonehenge" Virtual 3D Tour of the best known prehistoric monument and one of the Wonders of the World.

Stonehenge was visited for centuries, and now about one million people are thought to visit the site annually. But what visitors see today are only the remnants of the last phase of construction. Loosely scattered and fallen stones, don't also give the impression about how the monument might have looked like 5000 years ago.

"Stonehenge - Virtual 3D Tour" is powered by Unreal Engine technology and is an awesome new way to experience this unique monument. The application is a real-time virtual tour of the 3D reconstruction of this prehistoric monument as it might have looked like in all major phases of construction.

By using Epic Games' award-winning, most advanced game engine, viewers can freely walk around, learn and experience this 3D reconstructed monument in their own pace in engaging and educating way.

If you want to feel like one of the ancient people celebrating mid-summer sunrise or mid-winter sunset, this app is for You.


* Powered by Unreal Engine

* Detailed 3D reconstructions of Stonehenge based on latest archaeological excavations

* Guided Virtual 3D Tours of all phases of construction

* Experience mid-summer sunrise and mid-winter sunset

* Great for kids as a supplementary history lesson (no Ads, no In-App Purchases) Just let Your child explore our 3D reconstruction as any other FPS game level

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Stonehenge reconstruction


Stonehenge. The Summer Solstice


Stonehenge. The Winter Solstice


Stonehenge. The Great Trilithon


Stonehenge. The Sarsen Stones


Stonehenge. The Station Stone


Stonehenge. The Bluestones


Stonehenge. The Slaughter Stone


Stonehenge. The Heelstone


Stonehenge. The Avenue


Stonehenge. The Altar Stone


Stonehenge. The reconstruction


Stonehenge. The ditch


Stonehenge. Circular bank



Stonehenge. Aubrey Holes


Stonehenge plan


Stonehenge. Summer solstice



Stonehenge. Winter solstice


Stonehenge. The stone circle


Stonehenge. Bluestone semicirlces


Stonehenge. Timber Phase


Stonehenge. Earthwork monument

Misty morning over Stonehenge


Sunset over Stonehenge


Explore Stonehenge


Stonehenge. All phases of construction


Stonehenge. Trilithons


Experience Stonehenge