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Historic Places, Buildings & Monuments


Augmented Reality Projects & QR Codes

As smartphones gain in popularity, people are coming to rely more and more on these devices for useful information. No other technology is better suited than augmented reality and QR codes to display easy to access, location sensitive information to mobile users, especially on small screens.

By combining the GPS and compass-based geo-information with LLA-marker technology users now can experience augmented reality not only in the world outside but even within buildings. This feature can be used for example in large historic buildings where visitors can point their camera on the respective exhibits or rooms and gather information directly on their mobile phone.

Apart from Indoor Navigation, scanning a QR code placed next to an artefact, room, chamber or any other object can trigger access to a multimedia presentation, movie, website or other related information, depending on the data sources available.


2D / 3D Graphics & Animation


Rather than finding traditional ways of communicating the past, which is often hard for visitors or students to memorize, we propose  to use computer graphics technology to visualize or recreate historic monuments and sites.

3D computer graphics and animation can present a deeper and more richly rewarding history about past places and events. Digital 3D models are often designed to be used in learning environments and it is possible to involve digital models in the teaching of the history or presenting historical events. Through interactive education techniques together with audio-visual media audience as observers can see not only the ruins but furthermore, the history which lies behind.


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