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Historic Towns, Cities & Villages. Tourist Information Offices


Augmented Reality Projects & QR Codes

As the use of smartphones is spreading at an incredible rate, there is a significant potential for use augmented reality in promoting heritage and tourism. Smartfone's holders can find nearby historical places like churches, palaces, castles, historic houses or every other historic monument by simply pointing their mobile phone's camera on their environment. They can even find events or concerts around them without having to “search” through a Google browser.

Augmented reality browser indicate their distance to your own position and direct you towards them. This kind of Location Based Information is great not only because it can navigate you towards every place worth seeing, but because it gives you instant access to information about given place. The information is digitally overlaid on the live-view of the camera of the phone and points you to the direction of the event, concert or historical building.

Apart from Location Based Information, QR codes placed on or next to any historic monument can also be used as a source of instant information about it. Scanning a QR code trigger access to a website, additional text, movies, archive photos or other related information, depending on the data sources available.


2D / 3D Graphics & Animation


Virtual reconstruction of urban areas, which are lost due to natural or man-provoked disasters, is nowadays feasible through the usage of contemporary 3D technologies and virtual reality. With the aid of photogrammetry, GIS, DEM maps and 3D modeling software, the once existed urban areas, or even whole cities, can be reconstructed as close as possible to the original.

By taking the viewers into the virtual reconstruction of the world which existed centuries ago we can both excite and educate. Audience will have the chance not only to witness a specific moment in the history but also it will be an experience of viewing the area which has been inhabited in subsequent periods by different populations, with different habits and lifestyles.


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