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Digitalization / Recreating Artefacts


Digital representation or recreation of cultural artefacts along with the stories and facts that accompany them is usually one of the objectives of virtual heritage project. Thanks to 3D modeling and animation technology scientists, students or museum visitors can access computer reconstructions of historical objects that would normally be inaccessible, due to location or fragile condition. Digital models also provide the possibility of seeing artefacts that no longer exist at all, or of viewing the how the artefacts would have appeared at different times in history.

The  advent  of  new means  to  acquire  and  visualize  information  has  brought  to several revolutionary changes in the way Art and History are analyzed and presented. Emergence of advanced 3D modeling and sculpting software, photogrammetry and photorealistic rendering engines give the opportunity to perceive the image or animation as being a ‘true’ representation of the object

We can digitalize or recreate almost every artefact into accurate 3D model. It can be an ancient or modern sculpture, monument, pottery, weapon, vessel or any other object. Using a combination of animated movies with interactive texts or dialogs narrated by professional speakers, we are able to show the full story of each model. Beginning with its design, development and the technology behind it, following through its history, and finally analyzing its impact on every day life.