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Architecture Reconstruction / Visualisation


Virtual reconstruction of architecture, which is lost due to natural or man-provoked disasters, is nowadays feasible through the usage of contemporary 3D technologies and virtual reality. With the aid of photogrammetry, GIS, DEM maps and 3D modeling software, the once existed urban areas, or even whole cities, can be reconstructed as close as possible to the original.

The reconstruction of archaeological excavation sites or historical architecture emerged as a powerful tool to communicate archaeological features and cultural knowledge, not only to experts, but also to broad audiences of exhibitions or museums. By giving visitors a near firsthand experience of visiting historical buildings, we can both excite and educate.

Each  reconstruction examines the history, evolution, natural setting of a building or city and technology behind it. Our reconstructions can contain animated maps, sections, panoramic views of the site or even, through the use of real-time virtual reality technology,  they allow a user to directly interact with 3D virtual environments and enable the
depiction and exploration of digital architecture in real-time.