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Panoramic Views


A quick-time panorama controlled interactively provides the user with a circumferential view from a fixed position. It is also possible to look up and down. This allows for a superb spacial impression of space and places.  In addition the display window can be zoomed in and out (shift-key for +; ctrl-key for -).

From a technological viewpoint there is practically no difference between if user were to view the virtual scene or if they would take a look-around in the real existing vicinity. Therefore a panoramic view is suitable for a survey in a virtual neolithic nave as well as for a presentation of the exhibition halls of a museum or for the presentation of a restored historical monument that is situated outdoors.

We generate a quicktime-panorama for both worlds. A Panoramic view is especially suitable for CD-ROM and presentations based on the internet.


(Click on the image and rotate it in any direction while holding the left mouse button)