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Image Recognition


Augmented Reality browsers are capable of recognizing images or QR codes as seen through the camera. This works not only on paintings in a museum or art gallery, but also on printed pictures like posters, billboards, leaflets, coupons or any other predetermined images.

Simply point your phone’s camera at a picture or QR code, and ‘scan’ it. If there’s any information on it in Augmented Reality browser database, you’ll see it instantly on your screen. Useful or entertaining information may be called up based on places or objects around you. Images, exhibition leaflets, posters, magazines or newspaper pages or any other object around the user, can trigger multimedia experiences. Depending on the data sources available, it can be an additional text, image, movie, sound, or even a 3D model virtually "gluing" onto the image or QR code. As you move the camera, so the 3D model will follow accordingly.